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A set of 3D printable collars for the shocks of Mini-Z RC cars, these are available in three different sizes for finer regulation of the spring tension of the shock – 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm. They should be fully compatible with both the stock shocks used on the MR-02 and MR-03 cars as well as with tuning shocks such as the aluminium ones by Route 246 for example. Do note that the size of this shock collars is specifically for the center shock that connects the main chassis to the rear motor mount, they will not work with other smaller shocks that may be a part of third party suspension – front or rear for the Mini-Z.

To download the 3D printable Shock Collars for Kyosho Mini-Z RC Cars…


Welcome to the MiniRC Project website, a place where we are going to be experimenting 3D printing replacement and tuning parts for small scale remote controlled cars such as Kyosho’s Mini-Z series as well as other RC car models. 3D printing is becoming more and more acceptable and it can greatly help everyone that has RC cars as a hobby as it gives you the chance to print broken or damaged parts or even make your own improved parts. You can even go all the way to printing your own design for remote controlled car. Since remote controlled card and 3D printing are both hobbies for us we have decided to combine them and you will see the results on this website. We are going to be starting by sharing some of our already made designs for 3D printed parts for Kyosho Mini-Z RC cars, but who knows where we’ll end up…

We are working on new parts and projects, so you can expect to see some really interesting and useful things in the future, but let us not get ahead of ourselves for now. Also feel more than welcome to share your feedback for things that you find here and maybe 3D print and try on your RC model car or maybe some design ideas or whatever you feel like may be helpful as the ultimate goal of this website is to be helpful to RC enthusiasts like us and like you as if you are reading this you are probably into remote controlled cars as well. Now it is time to start with everything.