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Here is our design for plastic drift tires for Mini-Z RC cars that are made to be 3D printed using PLA filament. Make sure you use PLA and not ABS as with ABS there will be some shrinking and the resulting tires may be hard to fit on the rims. If this happens, could happen with PLA as well, you can try soaking the tires in hot water for a bit to soften them up and then insert them on the rims of the Mini-Z RC model. They will become hard again when they cool down and should fit nice and tight on the model. You can experiment with these plastic drift tires, they should fit on all on-road models of Mini-Z such as MR-02, MR-03 and MA-010 etc.

To download and 3D print the Mini-Z Plastic Tires for Drifting 3D model…