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The dogbones of the Losi Micro-T RC models are quite small in size and although they are pretty durable you might still end up breaking them due to wear off… especially if you upgrade your Micro-T with a more powerful battery or a brushless combo. So we’ve made a 3D printable dogbone that you can print and try on your small scale Losi RC model, these were originally designed to be printed with PLA, but regular PLA is not strong enough (though it may work on stock Micro-T), but printing from ABS does provide a more durable solution that should handle some upgrades. Do note that printing the dogbones with ABS filament may still not be enough if your Micro-T is equipped with brushless motor. This was all an experiment to see how strong 3D printed dogbones would end up with the idea to possibly make them shorter for a modification to a Micro-T Desert Truck.

We recommend to print using a finer layer height, 0.1 mm should be just fine as the dogbones are quite small in size and it could be challenging to have them printed properly even at finer resolution. Also make sure that you use support material when printing these, experiment with the position of the dogbone to see which one will result in best quality print on your 3D printer. On the photo above you can see a dogbone printed from PLA (black) and one printed with ABS (white) with the ABS one not as detailed as the PLA result, but stronger and more durable.

To download the 3D printable Replacement Dogbones for Losi Micro-T…


We are just starting up designing 3D printable replacement parts for the Losi Micro-T series of small scale RC models and the new design that we are sharing with you is for a front upper arm. Our 3D printable design makes the front upper arm a little bit thicker than the original one with the idea to make it a bit tougher, and besides added strength you should also get a bit less flex on the arm. Since the detail is pretty small it is recommended to print using finer resolution for best results, we are using 0.1 mm layer height and the result is very good. The front upper arm should print well without the need of support material, but you might want to print using a bit slower extrusion speed to get better results.

To download the 3D printable Replacement Front Upper Arm for Losi Micro-T…


The steering links of the Losi Micro-T RC models are one of the things that often break in that particular radio controlled model, so we have made a replacements that you can easily and quickly 3D print yourself. We have two versions available, one is with 0.5 mm thickness and is more flexible and the other one is 1 mm thicker providing less flexibility, but added strength. You can experiment with both and report what works best for you. We recommend to print using a finer layer height, 0.1 mm should be just fine as these are quite small and precise elements.

To download the 3D printable Losi Micro-T Replacement Steering Links…