3D Printable Losi Micro-T Steering Links

22 Apr


The steering links of the Losi Micro-T RC models are one of the things that often break in that particular radio controlled model, so we have made a replacements that you can easily and quickly 3D print yourself. We have two versions available, one is with 0.5 mm thickness and is more flexible and the other one is 1 mm thicker providing less flexibility, but added strength. You can experiment with both and report what works best for you. We recommend to print using a finer layer height, 0.1 mm should be just fine as these are quite small and precise elements.

To download the 3D printable Losi Micro-T Replacement Steering Links…

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1 Response to 3D Printable Losi Micro-T Steering Links


Tiny RC Cars

September 10th, 2015 at 12:08

Love RC cars in general but lately I have gotten into tiny ones. 3D printing is the way to go for any rc racer since I always break something and pieces cost so much to replace. Thanks for taking the time to draw up the printable. Always glad to see a fellow tinkerer ^^

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