Kyosho Mini-Z Ferrari 360GTC Front Body Mount

19 Apr


Another broken front body holder, this time of an older and harder to find replacement – Ferrari 360GTC body for Mini-Z, so we have designed a replacement one that we can 3D print ourselves. So here comes a replacement 3D printable front body mount for the Ferrari 360GTC body for Kyosho Mini-Z RC models that you can print and use if your stock front body mount breaks like in our case and you cannot find an original replacement. The body holder should be a perfect fit and provide enough strength and durability, just like the original one. We recommend to use 0.1mm layer height for best results and the use of support structure as some part of the body mount is in the air and it will not be useable if don’t use supports.

To download the 3D printable Kyosho Mini-Z Ferrari 360GTC Front Body Mount…

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