Front Body Holder Spacer for Kyosho Mini-Z RWD/AWD

13 Apr


An easy and useful way of adjusting the height of the body at the front of your Kyosho Mini-Z RC model is to control the position of the front body mount. By adding a spacer under the front body mount you can lower the front of the car’s body to make it more aerodynamic and stable on the track. So we have designed an easy to use spacers to go under the front body mount to help you adjust the body height at the front of the card in a more easy and straightforward way without having to rely on shims. The 3D printable front body holder spacers are available in two different heights, to make it easy for you to adjust the height more precisely – 0.5 mm and 1 mm. Make sure you 3D print them using finer layer height such as 0.1 mm for best results.

To download the 3D printable Front Body Holder Spacer for Kyosho Mini-Z RWD/AWD…

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